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Best Keith Olbermann impersonation I have ever seen.

Best Keith Olbermann impersonation I have ever seen.

More Comic Con costumes here.

More Comic Con costumes here.

Like okay I’m confused. I understand why Community would be at comic con but why glee and white collar?


Doctor Who star Matt Smith has confirmed that the show will return next month, and also expressed interest in appearing on cult comedy Community!

Speaking at the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favourites’ panel of San Diego Comic-Con, the actor told fans that series 7 opener “Asylum of the Daleks” will air next month. The following four episodes will presumably follow weekly, leading up to the Pond’s farewell encounter with The Weeping Angels.

Smith also said that he had recently spoken to one of the writers of Community, and expressed interest in making an appearance in the programme. He follows Karen Gillan, whosaid she would like to make an Amy Pond cameo in the “Inspector Spacetime” portion of the show.

Are you excited to know you only have a month to wait for series 7? Would you like to see Smith and Gillan reunite for a Community cameo? “


'Community' (S3): The blooper reel!


So there’s this little thing called Comic-Con going on right now — maybe you’ve heard of it? — and a big part of that involves awesome geeky shows pandering to their fans to help keep them on the air. Which is why we have the latest gag reel from Community which prominently features Alison Brie rapping as well as Danny Pudi saying “My teet!” which will shatter your image of Abed forever. Oh, and also there was some talk going on at Comic-Con about another animated episode, an episode that takes place in Pierce’s mansion, and an Inspector Spacetime episode. Yay timey wimey stuff!


Every year, it never fails for me to say “Wtf is (fill in the blank with a show that has nothing to do with Comic Con like “Glee”) doing at Comic Con?”


And before I get haters for making “Glee” an example, I like “Glee”. It just shouldn’t be at Comic Con. Same with “Community” and “The Office.”

The Office was at Comic Con?!


Yvette Nicole Brown and Alison Brie Interview at Comic-Con 2012